Partnering with industry and the community for innovation and impact through modelling

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Papers listed by session

Applied and computational mathematics

Stream leaders: Barry Croke and Roger Braddock

Biological systems

Stream leaders: Malcolm McPhee and David Mayer

Computer science and engineering

Stream leaders: Peter Fitch and Tim Peterson

DORS – Defence and homeland security modelling

Stream leader: Richard Davis

Economics and finance

Stream leaders: Michael McAleer and Chia-Lin Chang

Energy, integrated infrastructure and urban planning

Stream leaders: John Boland and Pascal Perez

Environment and ecology

Stream leaders: Andre Zerger and Brett Bryan

Global change and natural hazards

Stream leaders: Jason Evans and Albert van Dijk

Health informatics

Stream leader: Irene Hudson

ASOR – Operations research

Stream leaders: Paul Gaertner, Julia Piantadosi and Simon Dunstall

Participatory decision making and modelling social systems

Stream leaders: Susan Cuddy and Sondoss Elsawah

Water resources

Stream leaders: Francis Chiew and Jai Vaze

OzEWEX (The Australian Energy and Water Exchange Initiative 2nd National Workshop)

Workshop chair: Albert van Dijk