F1. Modelling land use and ecosystem services

Land use has a key influence on the provision of ecosystem services—the benefits ecosystem provide to people. Competition for land driven by increasing demand for agricultural production, energy, and amenity and recreational opportunities, increasing scarcity of water resources, priorities for increasing soil health and storing carbon, and the precipitous decline in biodiversity, all converge in land systems. Global change adds an extra dimension and complexity to managing these demands. Modelling is becoming an increasingly important discipline for understanding land use and the subsequent impact on ecosystem services in response to policy and management options. In this session we welcome papers looking at all aspects of modelling land use change and ecosystem services at all scales from local, to regional, and global. Papers describing innovations in modelling methods and in the application of models are especially welcome. Depending on levels of interest, the session may include a workshop geared towards writing a review of models of land use and ecosystem services and scoping priorities for future research.