H2. Health Information Systems: challenges and solutions

In a broader sense, health information systems are aimed to capture, store, manage and communicate information related to the health at individual and population levels or the activities of organizations working within the health sector. Unique features of the e-health information systems are rooted in the inherent confidentiality issues and diversity of the stakeholders involved in both development and utilization of the systems comprising of patients, doctors, nurses, administrators, scientists, payers, and regulators. Because of this diversity, health informatics is a multi- and inter-disciplinary field combining information science, computer science, economics, social science, epidemiology, behavioral science, public health and medicine.

The session is a forum bringing together multi-disciplinary researchers, healthcare IT professionals, managers and practitioners interested in the application of information and communication technologies to share experiences, bring new ideas, debate issues, and introduce the latest developments in the domain of health informatics.

For this session, we invite papers focusing on analysis, design, implementation and evaluation of health information systems, their architectures, applications, specialized programming languages and development tools, databases, networking, graphical interfaces, human-computer interaction, data mining and intelligent decision support in the healthcare industry. Contributions on data requirements, uncertainty estimates, stakeholder involvement and evaluation of the tools are also within the scope of the session.