L10. Impacts of coal seam gas and coal mining developments on water resources

This session focuses on assessing the impacts of coal seam gas and coal mining developments on water resources. Researchers are invited to submit experimental as well as modelling studies that advance the knowledge of groundwater flow dynamics in aquifer/aquitard systems and assess the potential impacts of aquifer depressurisation on the quantity and quality of water in shallow aquifers, streams, and wetlands.

Modelling applications that address a range of temporal and spatial scales are welcome, particularly those applicable to the large river-reach scale with emphasis on the interaction with the underlying aquifer systems. Numerical simulations of aquifer impacts resulting from CSG production and coal mining with emphasis on the following aspects are encouraged: up-scaling of impact assessment models for regional cumulative impact assessments, modelling dual phase flow at the regional scale, modelling of hydraulic fracturing including the fate of chemicals, characterising and assessing the influence of fault systems in regional-scale models (including 3D geological models), and characterising uncertainty and regional aquifer management risks.

Validation of modelling results using novel techniques relating to hydrochemical and isotopic characterisation of surface and groundwater are also welcome. Submission of case studies relating to the ecological response in floodplains and groundwater dependent ecosystems is highly encouraged.