L9. Modelling and trends of regional and global water and energy fluxes

Estimating regional and global water and energy fluxes and their trends are challenging scientifically and important to manage limited water and related resources under changing climate and growing population. In this session, we invite researchers to contribute their studies that will stimulate the continuing efforts to understand modelling and trends of water and energy fluxes both regionally and globally. We are particularly interested in papers that (1) introduce large-scale hydrological and land surface models to simulate and predict water and energy fluxes; (2) improve water and energy flux estimates using model ensemble, output averaging, uncertainty analysis, etc; (3) detect trends and variation of water and energy components, such as precipitation, runoff, actual evapotranspiration, soil moisture, short-wave and long-wave radiations; (4) investigate eco-hydrological links between hydrological variables and various ecosystems.