Partnering with industry and the community for innovation and impact through modelling


Keynote papers

We of the meta meta: is Australia developing a transparent and reproducible approach to transparency and reproducibility?
Car, N.J.

Zooplankton foraging induces chaos in dynamic green ocean models
Cropp, R.A., Moroz, I.M. and Norbury, J.

The diversity of New Zealand's Defence Operations Analysis
Galligan, D.P.

What core integrated modelling skills should we teach future environmental planners, managers and decision makers?
Kragt, M.E.

Evaluation of financial sustainability of the Japanese medical system: Analysis of the length of hospital stay for diabetes patients
Nawata, K. and Kawabuchi, K.

Guidelines for the admissibility of farm and catchment models in the New Zealand environment courts
Parshotam, A.

Data farming: what it is, and why you need it!
Sanchez, S.M.

Can models be used to determine if the hydrologic cycle is intensifying?
Sheffield, J.

Numerical modelling of wildland fire spread on the windward and leeward sides of a ridge
Simpson, C.C., Sharples, J.J. and Evans, J.P.

Unlocking development in northern Australia: have we found the key?
Stone, P., Petheram, C., Watson, I. and Ash, A.