L15. Water resources management informed by hydroclimatic forecasts

Hydroclimatic forecasts for seasonal and shorter forecast periods provide valuable information that could enable more intelligent, proactive approaches to the management of natural and engineered water resources systems. This science could ultimately deliver improved flood preparedness, early mitigation of drought impacts on water supply systems, more profitable operation of hydropower reservoirs, early indication of environmental threats, more efficient irrigation scheduling, and a range of other benefits. Various meteorological organisations across the world now publish forecast information routinely. A major challenge in the advancement of these products is in linking the state-of-the-art science with real world water system operation. This session aims to bring together a mix of scientists and practitioners to present work on recent theoretical and methodological contributions in the application of forecasts in water resources management.

Presentations addressing any of the following are invited:

This session has been endorsed by HEPEX (www.hepex.org), which was launched in 2004 to foster scientific developments necessary to improve the skill of probabilistic hydrological predictions and their use in operational contexts.