Weekly digests

The Society updates MSSANZ members on upcoming congresses or Society matters, and provide links to further information on scholarship or employment opportunities provided by our members. The digest will be emailed to the MSSANZ mailing list once per week, or less frequently during quiet times.

The most recent version is available below:

MSSANZ members,

I’d like to announce the call for nominations for 2024 Fellows of the Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (MSSANZ). Being recognised as a Fellow of the Society is one of the ways in which the Society can thank those members who unselfishly donate their time to assist in making the MODSIM conferences such a great success.

The closing date for nominations is 14 August 2024. The Fellows will be recognised at the MODSIM 2025 conference dinner in Adelaide. The call for nominations for biennial medallists and early-career researchers will occur in 2025.

The person nominated for a Fellowship should have provided ‘unselfish dedication to promoting the aims of the Society, and for significant contribution to modelling and simulation’. In other words, service to the Society is the key factor in selecting Fellows, with a good publication track record also necessary. See the criteria on the MSSANZ website here and the Society’s policy on diversity and inclusion here.

Any member of the Society can nominate another member as a Fellow, with another member of the Society to second that nomination. Self-nominations are not permitted. Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee who make recommendations to the Executive for ratification. Nominations, consisting of a CV and short supporting statement (3500 characters max), should be submitted via the form located here.

The members of the Awards Committee can be found here, and the full list of Society Fellows can be found here.

Best regards,

David Post (on behalf of the Awards Committee)