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Program Committee and Editorial Board


Dr Sondoss Elsawah University of New South Wales Canberra, AU
Professor Tony Jakeman The Australian National University
Dr Julia Piantadosi  

Committee members

Professor John Boland University of South Australia
Professor Brett Bryan Deakin University, AU
Dr Nicholas Car Surround Australia, AU
Mr Arvind Chandran DST Group, AU
Professor Chia-Lin Chang National Chung Hsing University, TW
Dr Francis Chiew CSIRO Land and Water, AU
Associate Professor Barry Croke The Australian National University
Dr Simon Dunstall CSIRO Data61, AU
Associate Professor Jason Evans University of New South Wales, AU
Ms Louise Freebairn ACT Health Directorate, AU
Dr Paul Gaertner DST Group, AU
Associate Professor Grant Hamilton  Queensland University of Technology, AU
Professor Irene Hudson RMIT University Melbourne, AU
Dr David Mayer Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, QLD Government, AU
Professor Michael McAleer Asia University Rotterdam, TW
Dr Malcolm McPhee NSW Department of Primary Industries, AU
Professor Pascal Perez SMART Infrastructure Facility University of Wollongong, AU
Dr Tim Peterson Monash University, AU
Dr Christoph Rudiger Monash University, AU
Dr Oz Sahin Griffith University, AU
Dr Gregory Summerell NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, AU
Dr Jai Vaze CSIRO, AU
Dr Andre Zerger CSIRO, AU