×M4. System dynamics applications in OR to support decision making under uncertainty

This session focuses on applications of system dynamics (SD) modelling in OR to support decision making under uncertainty across a diverse range of contexts including: defence, mining, public policy, and others. The papers will report the results of SD simulation modelling applications examining proposed defence force design options using behavioural assumptions, combining SD with meta-heuristics and machine learning (ML), evaluating the potential impacts of emerging technologies in defence under uncertainty, and global minerals depletion through scenario modelling. The session will include papers arising from collaborative efforts between defence, academia, and industry.

The session encourages the submission of papers that:

  1. Highlight applications integrating system dynamics and artificial intelligence
  2. Describe the application of big data in system dynamics modelling
  3. Explore applications of novel methodological and computational frameworks in system dynamics (e.g. simulation-optimization and hybrid modelling)
  4. Discuss using system dynamics to explore decision making under uncertainty
  5. Highlight applications combining system dynamics and Bayesian modelling to examine alternative future scenarios
  6. Explore applications integrating system dynamics and machine learning
  7. Describe other applications that expand the frontier for SD modelling

Key topics: System dynamics, Simulation modelling, Scenarios, Behavioural assumptions