×K8. Climate change & water hazards: advancing our knowledge in modelling and uncertainty to guide hazard application and mitigation planning

Globally, there is increased concern for the potential impacts of extreme climate events and associated risks to water dependent industries, environments, and societies.

Climate models have been developed that are coupled with hydrologic impact models aimed at providing services and tools to provide reliable and probabilistic climate information for a broad range of public and economic sectors. Such services are crucial to understand potential future risks and hazards and to inform societal decision-making process as well as effective, evidence-based adaptation and mitigation planning for extreme events.

To support these services, this session invites contributions that demonstrate

  1. the use and application of state of the art bias-correction and statistical or dynamical downscaling of climate models in hydrologic forcing application including the use of automated evaluation algorithm
  2. use cases and method developments of coupled climate and hydrologic models for hazard and risk impact analysis and assessment, post-processing or attribution
  3. identification and quantification of uncertainty in the hydro-climate modelling chain
  4. develop guidance material to foster the applicability of such analysis tools to support adaptation planning in long-term hazard, adaptation and mitigation planning including co-design with users and practitioners.

Key topics: Hydrologic impact modelling, Application, Adaptation and mitigation