×K7. Challenges and advances in continental-scale hydrological forecasting systems

Continental-scale hydrological forecasts with lead times of days to seasons are beneficial for a wide range of sectors, including water resources management, agriculture, energy, transport, and health. A variety of approaches and methods that underpin continental-scale hydrological forecasts exist; these include empirical techniques using statistical and/or machine learning methods, hydrological models forced with numerical weather and climate predictions, as well as coupled climate and land surface models. The development of continental-scale hydrological forecasting systems faces many potential challenges in terms of, for example, data assimilation, post-processing, the representation of a range of climate and hydrological processes and regimes, intervariable correlations and dependencies, and the verification of forecasts for a range of variables and across diverse regions.

This session focuses on the challenges and advances in continental-scale hydrological forecasting systems. We invite presentations by scientists and practitioners on the following potential topics:

Presentations to related topics not included in the above list are also welcome.

Key topics: Continental-scale hydrological forecasts, Forecast post-processing, Data assimilation, Forecast verification