×J10. High-resolution Earth observations in land surface modelling

Current modelling of water and vegetation dynamics are inadequate in representing the physical processes at sub-kilometre scales across heterogeneous landscapes. As such new theories and techniques to correctly model the energy and moisture exchange between land and atmosphere are needed to enable accurate estimates of water and vegetation dynamics for water resources management and on-ground decision making. A growing legacy of land surface products from current and planned satellite Earth observing systems, offers an opportunity to improve process representation in hydrological models and drive prediction capability to ever increasing spatial and temporal resolution. However, complex topography and land cover types, scale disparity between model and observations, error characterisation and computational cost challenge the development of high-resolution hydrological modelling framework.

This session focuses on the challenges and advances in data-driven high-resolution land surface modelling. We invite contributions on novel methods of integrating high-resolution satellite data into land surface and hydrology models. We especially invite contribution that demonstrate the utilisation of earth observation to drive high-resolution modelling and prediction capability, continentally or globally.

The session can host a broad range of topics, including:

Key topics: Remote sensing, Land surface modelling, High resolution