×I6. Promoting participatory modelling among common stakeholders: Methods, case studies, tools and their simplification

The popularity of participatory modeling (PM) has grown considerably in recent years with the acknowledgement that the inclusion of stakeholders and a variety of scientific perspectives are required to improve our understanding of social-ecological systems and current environmental problems. The proposed session (and the linked workshop) will focus on reporting methodological advances and case studies of various PM applications to promote its adoption across various domains and regions. We seek to attract academic experts, action researchers, and practitioners. By bringing together diverse perspectives, we hope to distil current trends in the field and move towards answering various questions that are being raised, possibly with help from other fields. We invite abstracts and proposals that represent a wide range of perspectives, including those from computer scientists, social and natural scientists, and cognitive scientists as well as those of decision-makers, managers or stakeholder experts.

The session encourages the submission of papers that:

Key topics: Action research, Case studies, Tools, Usability