×G6. Interactions of socio-economic systems and financial markets with weather and climate

The socio-economic and physical environments in which we live are intrinsically linked over a wide range of spatiotemporal scales. The Earth’s weather and climate system has timescales ranging from seconds to centuries, with financial and socio-economic impacts and risks associated with all of them. The intention of this session is to bring together researchers and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines to discuss the pertinent interactions between these socio-economic and physical systems.

Disciplines may include, but not limited to, finance, economics, climate science, population demographics, health, agriculture and energy. We welcome abstract proposals that focus on understanding and/or quantifying the relationships between various measures of the physical world, socioeconomic development (e.g. health, education, affluence, equality), and financial markets.

Examples of such research, in order of increasing time scale, may include: estimating the financial impact of extreme weather events (e.g. flood, fire, cyclones); influence of seasonality and climate variability (e.g. El Nino / La Nina) on production; and the impact of global warming on economic development such as that encoded into the climate damage functions of integrated assessment models. Of interest would also be any proposed frameworks for investment decision making and/or risk disclosure that factor in these physical and/or transitional impacts across any one or multiple times scales.

Authors may also wish to present research predominantly from one particular discipline and speculate how it may interact with the others, as a means of sparking discussion and fostering collaboration between the attendees. We would also welcome presentations on unique domain specific datasets that might assist in answering some of the aforementioned questions, or related lines of enquiry more broadly.

Key topics: Climate, Weather, Markets, Socio-economics