×G4. Risk of natural hazard in a changing climate: modelling, prediction and projection

Natural hazards and extremes affect all of humanity and their impacts are often catastrophic. The nature of hazards in Australia is changing. There is an overall expectation that these events are likely to become more prolonged and frequent into the future, although there are ongoing uncertainties in this assessment. It is vitally important to understand the mechanisms of climate change induced risk of natural hazards and conduct robust modelling, quantitative assessment for risk-informed adaptation and decision-making.

This session invites abstracts on model and observationally based studies that assess the risk of individual or multi hazards under climate change. Contributions are invited to but not limited to advances in drought, bushfire, floods, and extreme rainfall modelling and prediction. We also welcome studies that link hazard modelling research with machine learning and other related forecasting methods.

Key topics: Natural hazards, Drought modelling, Climate change, Prediction and projection