×E4. Intelligence on the edge: AIOT solutions for cities and infrastructure

The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IOT) has the potential to dramatically accelerate the benefits of digital transformation for consumer, enterprise and government market segments. The Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIOT) is transformational for both technologies: AI adds value to IOT through machine learning and decision making, while IOT adds value to AI through connectivity and data exchange. As IOT networks proliferate throughout every major industry vertical, data generated by AIOT-enabled systems will become extremely valuable for applications such as future transport and smart cities. However data acquisition and fusion, alongside operational models they inform need to be tested (in vitro) for global resilience and identification of specific vulnerabilities.

We invite submissions describing the design and implementation of AIOT solutions for cities or infrastructure. More specifically, we welcome papers presenting analytical work on the resilience and vulnerabilities of such systems.

Key topics: AIOT, IOT, Smart cities, Smart infrastructure