×C7. Data interoperability in earth, environmental and ecological science

A large volume of data is collected across the earth, environment and ecological science domain across different jurisdictions. With the advancement of sensing capabilities, soon the data collection rate outstrips our ability to process and comprehend. Inability to interpret, exchange data between different systems and repositories across jurisdictions impedes data reuse for broader applications. Several data standards and domain-specific controlled vocabularies are successful in small to medium communities. However, adoption across the wider cross-domain communities is still a challenge.

The session invite papers from earth, environmental and ecological science communities on issues related to data interoperability, including but not limited to data standards, data exchange standards, community-driven standard development approaches, approaches for sharing information between systems and repositories, controlled vocabularies, mapping of controlled vocabularies and case studies on interoperability experiments.

Key topics: Data standards, Data management, Data interoperability experiments, Research infrastructure