×B6. The measurement and modelling of current and future soil carbon stocks

The value of soil organic carbon (SOC) and management practices to improve soil quality by increasing SOC have long been a priority for farmers and the agricultural sector. However, the requirement for agriculture to demonstrate sustainable land management practices such as increased soil quality is becoming increasingly more important for the sector to retain market assess and a social licence to operate. In addition, opportunities for the land management to deliver climate mitigation through soil carbon sequestration and assess carbon markets has emerged as a new frontier for land-use. Cost-effective measurement and verification of SOC responses to management, technologies, testing and data requirements for SOC modelling, and future impacts of climate change on soil carbon each represent significant gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed for the delivery of scaled abatement from the land sector and demonstration sustainability of agricultural land management practices.

This session will examine three areas of understanding

  1. measuring, mapping and modelling SOC
  2. maintaining and/or increasing SOC stocks for climate change mitigation and adaptation
  3. managing SOC in soils for different agricultural systems (e.g. crop, livestock and pasture) with an emphasis on new and emerging technologies, modelling approaches and sustainable land management.

Key topics: Soil organic carbon, Soil carbon modelling, Soil carbon measurement, Land management practices