×B1. Pasture and native vegetation

This session aims to bring together researchers working on advancing pasture, native vegetation and grazing systems modelling. We invite papers on model development, application, and evaluation in pasture, vegetation and grazing systems. Observational studies on vegetation cover (e.g. PhenoCams and remotely sensed data) and grass functional traits are also encouraged. We welcome contributions that encompass native pastures, grasslands, savannas, mixed grain-grazing systems, whole-farm systems, grazed woodlands and extensive grazing systems. Papers could address a specific problem within a pasture or grazing system or larger scale issues such as managing for drought in larger catchments or regions, or decision support tools used to improve the production and long-term profitability of the grazing industry. Papers addressing ecohydrology, hillslope runoff and soil erosion from rangelands, land degradation, pasture and land condition, and sustainable management of rangelands are highly encouraged.

Key topics: Pasture, Rangeland, Grazing, Ecohydrology