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Workshops will be held on Wednesday 4 December. Please contact the workshop organiser for more information.

Implementation and development of coupled fire-atmosphere modelling

UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy
Room TBC

This workshop provides an opportunity for those interested in modelling the fire-atmosphere system across a range of scales; from fine-scale combustion dynamics to large pyroconvective events. A number of targeted presentations will highlight advances, new insights, technical issues and emerging research directions associated with each of the respective modelling frameworks. These presentations are intended to promote technical discussion of important modelling issues, with a particular focus on synergies and linkages across the modelling platforms that might lead to fruitful collaboration and progress in modelling the fire-atmosphere system at relevant scales.

Specific modelling platforms likely to be represented include:

  • WRF-Fire
  • ACCESS-Fire
  • Phoenix RapidFire
  • CSIRO Spark




Jason Sharples, UNSW
(p) 02 6268 9466
(m) 0400 586 074