×K6. Modelling eco-hydrological processes at different spatial and temporal scales

Modelling of the complex relationships between soil water resources, vegetation water use, and soil bio-chemical cycles remains one of the key challenges in eco-hydrology. The importance of water-ecosystem interactions spans across several fields and applications. In arid and semi-arid ecosystems, root water uptake might switch between soil moisture to groundwater depending on water availability. The spatial organisation of vegetation is often driven by water availability, which is in turn affected by spatial patterns of root water uptake. In agriculture, water-yield relationships modulated by soil nutrients availability are pivotal for a sustainable food production. Cities are increasingly seeing the inclusion of green spaces within the urban landscape. This session welcomes modelling studies on issues related to water-vegetation interactions in different ecosystems (i.e., natural, rural and urban) across different spatial (e.g., global, catchment, and plot) and temporal scales.

Key topics: Eco-hydrology, Soil moisture, Groundwater, Soil-plant-atmosphere