×K3. Large sample and high resolution hydrological studies to tackle a rapidly changing world

We are living in a rapidly changing world, with geophysical datasets being created at fast increasing rates. How to better use these datasets for understanding hydrological processes in various climate, vegetation and anthropogenic-influenced regimes has become a challenge and an opportunity. This is particularly pressing for the hydrological community at large who have relied on lumped rainfall-runoff modelling for hydrological simulations/predictions over the last several decades. Increasingly accurate water information requires more insightful understanding and more skilful predictions, at resolutions commensurate with the available data, which is challenging more traditional hydrological modelling. This session will provide a great opportunity to stimulate discussion on how better and smarter use of large sample and high resolution datasets can improve hydrological simulations and predictions. We invite papers covering the following topics:

It is a great honour for us to chair this session, and your contributions will make this session excellent. We will look forward to hearing your insights and experience in the fields of large sample and high resolution hydrological studies.

Key topics: Large-scale hydrology, Hydrological modelling, Remote sensing, Climate change