×K22. Australian drought: assessment and management for sustainable development

Australia has a highly variable climate. Rainfall and streamflow volumes vary widely both spatially and temporally and the drought is a part of the country's natural climatic regime. During recent years, many parts of the Murray-Darling Basin have experienced severe drought conditions in terms of severe rainfall deficits, prolonged high temperatures, high evaporation rates, low soil moisture levels and lower than average streamflows. Although Australia has learnt much from the decade-long Millennium Drought, there remains an ongoing need to improve our understanding to support policy making and management for decision making during future droughts.

This session will address the evaluation and impact of droughts, especially in the context of high variability and changing climate in Australia. We will look at its connection with water availability for sustainable development and strategic management focusing on sectors like agriculture, industry, water supply, environment and ecology. Contributions are invited to but not limited to advances in drought prediction, drought monitoring, modelling, and impact assessment.

Key topics: Drought assessment, Drought modelling, Water stress, Drought management