×K15. Advances in water quality modelling and analysis

Poor water quality has social, economic and environmental consequences, and maintaining good water quality is key to sustaining human life. As such, enhancing our understanding of key processes, effectively modelling water quality, and predicting future water quality, is increasingly important. Whilst we still need to understand fundamental water quality processes, we increasingly have a need to model: new and emerging water treatment systems, the impacts of climate change and land and water management on water quality, and interactions between socio-economic systems and water quality.

This session aims to address recent advances in the area from a broad range of perspectives including:

We invite contributions that address water quality across all environments including natural, agricultural, urban, peri-urban catchments and rivers, groundwater, lakes and other receiving waters. We invite all water quality papers to be submitted into this overarching session. Session convenors will work with any other session proposers to group papers into compatible blocks. This session compliments the session on Managing the Great Barrier Reef.

Key topics: Water quality, Pollution, Variability, Management