×K13. Advances and applications in hydrometeorological forecasting

Accurate hydrological, hydroclimate and hydrometeorological forecasts are essential for a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to agricultural decision-making, reservoir operation, water supply management and advance flood warning. Methods in the field range from those based on autoregressive statistical algorithms to others centred on dynamical weather prediction modelling coupled with hydrological modelling. There still remain however, key challenges pertaining to continuous probabilistic forecasting, forecast uncertainty estimation, data assimilation, optimisation of the use of forecasts, and quantification of the value of forecasts.

For this session, we welcome contributions from scientists, practitioners and academicians relating to any of the following:

We also welcome contributions on other relevant topics not mentioned above.

This session has been endorsed by HEPEX (https://hepex.irstea.fr/), which aims to provide a platform for interaction and collaboration between people in the global hydrological ensemble prediction community.

Key topics: Hydrometeorological forecasting, Rainfall post-processing, Hydrological modelling, Water resources management