×J7. Integrated assessment and modelling for understanding pathways for socio-environmental systems: case studies of impact

Integrated assessment and modelling is promoted as a tool to help better manage complex socio-environmental systems, yet there seems to be limited evidence of its effectiveness in achieving on-the-ground outcomes. This is partly due to the difficulties in attributing impact in complex systems as well as limits to which research-based tools can influence a community or natural asset/resource. There is a clear need for understanding the pathways for impact from integrated assessments and models.

This session invites papers that highlight case studies of impact from applications of integrated assessments and/or models, particularly those that:

We also encourage contributions that reflect on why models or assessments didn’t work or were limited in their capacity to influence, and welcome insights from a range of sectors, including but not limited to, health, mining, water resources and development research.

Key topics: Integrated assessment, Impact pathways, Socio-environmental systems, Value of models