×G4. Integrating translational ecology in freshwater systems

Translational ecology seeks to link ecological and environmental knowledge into policy and decision making processes. Effective translational ecology extends beyond traditional boundaries, promoting interdisciplinary frameworks while leaning on, advancing and integrating modern tools and methods to improve not only the science, but also to facilitate effective and transparent communication. While there is a plethora of tools and methods to model, predict and quantify aspects of ecological significance, the field of translational ecology is largely nascent providing ample opportunities for innovation.

In this session, we will explore ideas, breakthroughs and successes in the field of translational ecology, and attempt to identify pathways towards greater implementation of translational ecology in freshwater systems. We will tackle key issues in the advancement and uptake of existing and emerging models in the field and how aspects including model development, integration and visualisation are being reconsidered and improved to enhance efficiency, reliability, representation and communication for the goal of improving translational ecology in the freshwater systems.

Key topics: Translational ecology, Decision making, Interdisciplinary, Freshwater