×F5. Modelling the impact of low carbon energies

Over the past two decades and due to international pledges such as Paris Agreements, most countries around the world are moving towards decarbonising their economies. Decarbonisation requires finding alternative sources of energies that produce less (or ideally zero) greenhouse gas emissions than fossil fuels. The development and uptake of cleaner energy technology such as solar and wind is causing significant changes to the way national and regional energy markets are being operated. Accelerated developments in low carbon fuels such hydrogen and biogas, will require further technical, economic and social challenges to be overcome before they can meet our future energy needs associated with mobility and heating. These challenges related to our rapidly changing energy systems can be addressed by further research into:

These investigations require development and application of economic, social and technical models. We invite original research papers addressing one (or several) of the aforementioned challenges, principles or characteristics.

Key topics: Low carbon fuels, Renewable energies, Electricity network, Gas network