×A4. Bridging between mathematical and physically based models

One approach to hydrological investigations seeks to improve process-based models from existing knowledge of physical processes, as opposed to data mining spatial-temporal fields of recorded or simulated results. Another approach puts more focus on using mathematical techniques to discover relationships between variables from the hydrological data already available, without considering physical process detail. There is merit in some combination of the two approaches, perhaps applying mathematics in modelling analysis but constrained by knowledge of hydrological processes. This session therefore aims at promoting more constructive dialogue between mathematical application and physical modelling with a shared interest in exploring new phenomena in hydrology.

Session submissions are encouraged with respect to the following themes:

  1. Spatial-temporal structure in hydrology, including trends, periods, and change points
  2. Multivariate hydrological extremes
  3. Hydrological data series extending by using historical data, proxy data and other methods
  4. Causal physical relationship discovery via statistical analysis

Other related themes are also welcome.

Key topics: Mathematical analysis, Physical processes, Hydrology, Modelling