L4. Advances in modelling and control of large-scale water resources systems

The aim of this session is to provide an active forum in which to discuss the integration and appropriate application of novel methods, algorithms and methodologies for efficient modelling and control of large-scale water resources systems. The proposed topic will include a large spectrum of methodological and practical activities. The main topics will focus on the following areas: Methods for the analysis of large data sets (feature selection and feature extraction); Model reduction techniques: methods and methodologies; Data-assimilation techniques; Data-driven modelling; Multi-agent systems; Model predictive control; Evolutionary and bio-inspired methods; Reinforcement learning; and Distributed (real-time) control. Applications can belong to any area of large-scale water resources systems: water quality modelling and control, rainfall-runoff modelling, control of large-scale systems, optimal planning of water resources, analysis of hydro-meteorological data sets, etc.