L17. Regionalising hydrologic response to improve predictions of large-scale water availability

Predictions of water availability across large regions are required so that water managers and policy makers can adequately plan for current and future water availability and water use. A major issue in making such predictions is that, in general, only some catchments are gauged and thus estimates of discharge must also be made for large ungauged areas. Reducing the uncertainty in predictions at ungauged locations was the focus of the Prediction in Ungauged Basins initiative, which extended from 2003 to 2012. The focus of the new Scientific Decade (2013-2022) will be on changing hydrology for a changing society. Numerous techniques have been developed to make these estimates, with most relying on some sort of hydrologic regionalisation. This session invites papers which examine how best to regionalise hydrologic response into ungauged areas, with a particular focus on assessing the uncertainty in the regionalised predictions.