K3. Multidisciplinary decision support for natural resource management and sustainable development: policy, science, managers and stakeholders

Years, decades, lifetimes are the temporal period whereby decisions today will be expressed in the landscape tomorrow. People in the landscape and how they view their overall wellbeing, socially, economically and environmentally is the point of influence. Maintaining the change over these time frames is the key to being effective. As practitioners most decisions made to enact change require multi-disciplinary trade-offs, balances and evaluations of risk within the landscape, with regards to how it functions and the people in it. All roles of policy, science, managers and stakeholders deal with these challenges. This session would like to encourage papers exploring these issues. Messages about how end users are empowered, how long term monitoring and evaluation is achieved and supported, how diversity in risk perception and attitude influence and are reflected in different decisions, in the context of  all the challenges associated with implementing NRM programs are encouraged.