K2. Designing and validating agent-based models

Agent-based modelling (or multi agent simulation) is experiencing a rapid uptake across various disciplines. However, empirical agent-based modelling faces significant challenges. Validation is arguably one of the key challenges in empirical agent-based modelling. Developing and testing solutions for such a challenge is essential for improving the robustness of this method. This session invites papers that present validation techniques implemented in empirical modelling situations and, thereby providing the opportunity for the empirical agent-based modelling community to share experiences. Session presenters will be invited to contribute to an edited volume in the Springer series on empirical agent-based modelling. Papers can demonstrate a particular validation technique, such as approaches based on statistics, quantitative or spatial patterns, qualitative data or experts. This session seeks in particular papers that compare and discuss multiple validation techniques. Papers can also discuss validation in the context of other critical modelling aspects, including process design, parameterisation, and calibration.