H9. The resilience of ecosystems and catchments

Since the 1970's simple differential equations for ecosystem have been developed that show very complex dynamics. For a single parameter set and forcing data, the inclusion of a positive feedback can cause the modelled systems can have multiple steady states. For many systems, the resilience can be measured as the state-space distance to the threshold between the steady states. Recently, the role of spatial dispersion and stochastic forcing has been investigated and statistical tools have been developed to give an early warning of a system switching steady states.  Exploration of these ideas within hydrology has also been undertaken and novel resilience dynamics have emerged. For this session we call for papers that address: applications of resilience models to ecosystem or catchment management problems, including where the feedbacks involve human interventions; theoretical aspects of quantifying multiple steady states or resilience; or field-based evidence of ecosystems or catchments having multiple steady states.