I8. Regional flood modelling in Australia for ARR revisions

National Committee on Water Engineering, Engineers Australia, has been undertaking extensive research to upgrade Australian Rainfall and Runoff (ARR) for which Australian Government has granted over $2m. So far over 20 research projects have been identified to upgrade ARR. Project 5 Regional flood methods in Australia is one of the projects which has made notable progress in the last two years. Over 20 researchers are working on the project at various state and national levels in Australia. Dr Ataur Rahman (myself) acting as Technical Program Leader of Project 5, other team members include Prof George Kuczera, Mr Erwin Weinmann and A/Prof Ashish Sharma. The proposed session will focus on the papers relared to regional flood estimation in relation to the ARR upgrade and other flood modelling issues from Australia and other countries. It will include following topics:

  1. Regional flood estimation: formation of regions and estimation methods
  2. Ungauged basins
  3. Impact of climate change on regional floods
  4. Flood frequency analysis
  5. Uncertainty in regional flood models.