I7. Coupled physical-ecological modelling for unravelling the effects of environmental change on aquatic systems

Water resources and aquatic ecosystems world wide are under intensifying pressures due to over use, climate change, exotic invasions and other human, direct or indirect, intervention. These pressures have had dire consequences and have left scientists and resource managers struggling to understand the processes leading to the changes and to suggest mediation solutions. One of the key tools available to scientists and resource managers are coupled physical-ecological models. These models have become increasingly sophisticated and comprehensive over recent years and allow the studying of a wide range of processes and questions.

The session will provide a stage to present and discuss the use of coupled physical-ecological modeling approaches to examine the effects of environmental changes on aquatic ecosystems. Papers that include the presentation of such models and new approaches to aquatic modeling are welcome. We in particularly encourage papers demonstrating the application of models to the study of the issues associated with understanding key processes in aquatic ecosystems or leading to enhanced management of the ecosystems.