I10. Measuring and modelling the interaction between surface water and groundwater

The critical issues of water resource availability and ecological sustainability have highlighted the need to a conjunctive approach to manage surface and groundwater as a single resource. The exchange flux between surface and groundwater can greatly impact the surface water and groundwater balance with serious implications on ecosystem health especially during low flow conditions. During extreme low flow conditions, the surface-groundwater exchange fluxes are crucial in determining the hydro-chemical conditions and resulting ecological stress during a time which may coincide with the main vegetation growth period. This session focuses on experimental as well modelling studies related to the interaction between surface and groundwater. Papers on the following topics are invited: conjunctive water management, low flow hydrology, stream depletion, bank storage, groundwater evapotranspiration, floodplain inundation, surface-groundwater interactio ns in wetlands, isotope applications to surface-groundwater interactions, and riparian research.