F1. Agriculture sustainability in a changing climate

Agriculture is expected to be significantly impacted by climate change. These impacts and the according adaptation alternatives are intensively studied around the world as food production and quality are vital concerns for our growing population. We would like to propose a session that focuses on these interests and especially emphasising the sustainability perspective that is to be seriously taken into account given changing conditions. Let aside that crop and climate models and simulations are widely used in these research fields, the simulation focus would be given to agricultural impact simulation subject to future climate change in order to highlight potential positive and/or negative impacts, adaptation alternatives facing future climate scenario and simulation capacities to study those. The session will warmly encourage presentations of recent and ongoing works that use simulation in order to sustainably connect agriculture and climate change. This would involve technical studies that deal with the complexity of agricultural systems subject to the uncertainty of future climate scenarios, as well as case study that would reveal coping limits of agricultural systems and further adaptation options.