L9. Process-based distributed hydrologic modelling for water resources management

Process-based distributed hydrological models are promising tools for addressing critical issues related to water and solute fluxes within river basins. With the rapid growth in computational technology in recent years, the development and applications of process based modelling are growing rapidly in the fields of flood mitigation, water resources management, water quality management, etc. Even though major advances have been achieved, there are main challenges still remain such as adequate representation of physical processes for accurate quantification of water and solute fluxes of various hydrological and biogeochemical processes at various scales, model parameterisation, computational efficiency, etc. This session aims to bring together the integrated hydrological modelling community to focus on recent developments and applications of process-based models simulating surface–subsurface coupled flow and transport processes at the catchment scale. We encourage submissions pertaining to all aspects of integrated catchment modelling including: