L22. Recent advances in modelling in the Great Barrier Reef Region

Great Barrier Reef (GBR) catchments have been extensively modified over the past 150 years for agricultural production, leading to a decline in water quality entering the GBR lagoon. A joint Queensland and Australian government initiative, Reef Water Quality Protection Plan, sets water quality and management practice targets for sediment, nutrients and pesticides. Improvement in water quality are achieved through government, industry and landholder investment into improved agricultural management practices. Modelling is the main component used to report on progress towards meeting Reef Plan goals and targets. Substantial progress has been made over the past seven years both in terms of water quality improvement and modelling.

The GBR Paddock to Reef Modelling session aims to provide an update on recent advances in the broad range of P2R modelling being undertaken across the reef program. Topics to be covered in this session include Paddock and catchment scale water quality modelling of improved land management, receiving water, Economics, Risk assessment, Benefit cost analysis, Load estimation. The suite of modelling tools are contributing to improved management of the Reef and improved model and visualization capabilities.