L20. Regional and global water and energy fluxes

Accurate knowledge of regional and global water and energy fluxes and their trends are important to inform the management of water and related resources under changing climate and growing population and to develop adaptation options. In this session, we invite research contributions that will stimulate discussion on the estimation of water (availability and use) and energy fluxes both regionally and globally.

We invite papers on:

(1) large-scale hydrological and land surface modelling of water and energy fluxes;
(2) water and energy flux estimation using model ensemble, output averaging and uncertainty analysis;
(3) trends and variation of water and energy components, such as precipitation, runoff, actual evapotranspiration and soil moisture;
(4) eco-hydrological links between hydrological variables and ecosystems; and
(5) human impacts on natural flows, storages and energy fluxes.