L17. Water resources management under changing environment

Water resource management and environmental change are highly relevant challenges facing today’s societies and natural environments across the globe. Human-driven environmental changes, including climate change and land use changes, impose new and perhaps unforeseen challenges on water management regimes. Therefore, water resources management under changing environments requires researchers from atmospheric, hydrologic, and earth sciences are required to address the new challenges in water resources management under changing environments with the disciplinary depth and the multidisciplinary breadth. Contributions are invited, but are not limited, to the following themes:

(1) Hydrological modelling under changing environment including hydrological resilience, shifting in hydrological regimes, time-varying hydrological parameters;
(2) Hydrological nonstationarity caused by changing environment and its implications for the water resources management;
(3) Adaptive water resources management under nonstationarity condition and changing environment;
(4) Social-hydrology and human interference on water cycle;
(5) Comparing challenges and approaches in water resources management under changing climate in different regions and countries.