L14. Floods and droughts under climate change

Floods and droughts are major natural hazards characterized by water availability significantly above or below normal conditions for a region. While disastrous floods and droughts receive public attention and discussions within the scientific community, the attribution of flood and drought events still remains a challenge.

This session focuses on ""floods and droughts under climate change"" from local, regional to global scale. We welcome contributions from different perspectives, including

(i) theoretical aspects derived from basic physical and ecological principles,
(ii) in situ and satellite remote sensing measurement techniques,
(iii) land-atmosphere coupling, and
(iv) climate and hydrological modelling, which helps advance our understanding and interpretation on floods and droughts under a warming climate.

The contributions on the following, but not limited to, are welcome:

1) Novel in situ and remote sensing techniques and processing approaches in describing and measuring floods and droughts;
2) Advances in statistical methods to detecting possible changes and shifts in the frequency and magnitude of floods and droughts;
3) Attribution of flood and drought events and their long-term change from new exciting development in land-atmosphere coupling, land surface modeling, hydrological modeling, and climate models.