K8. Considering gender in the context of modelling

While it may seem odd to link gender with modelling, there is a growing body of research that shows the benefits of integrating gender into modelling. This is because there is a growing overlap in multi-disciplinary research between ‘soft’ (socio-cultural) and ‘hard’ (STEM) science. Social science’s emphasis on gender analysis – in terms of how gender is socially constructed categories and norms, and how this influences individuals and society’s behaviours and values – has implications for modelling, because without an analysis and integration of gender considerations, we are missing an important information/evidence component from our modelling. We are most interested in progressing this research field. As this is a new MODSIM theme, we are happy to take papers that describe your research and experiences in explicitly considering gender in your modelling activities. Aspects that we will be looking for in your paper include a critical analysis of the activity (including the technical components), lessons learnt and insights gained – we are not looking for lengthy description of the problems inherent in considering gender (these are well-known).