H6. Observations for climate and water modelling: data availability from point to continental scale

Observed data are a key aspect for models. Not only do we develop and validate our models with observations, but we also need to run models with observed forcing data. However, while efforts have been made to develop dissemination pathways to make those data accessible, such as through TERN, those have been mainly individually driven and communication of those is often limited to a closer community. Moreover, many researchers are not aware of available data sets which have the potential to further their studies, as they may not have been collected for the same purpose. One such example is the vast range of satellite data that are available and could be used in many applications, beyond their key user community. This session will aim at providing a platform to communicate a range of data sets and their potential to the broader MODSIM community, providing an overview of a cross-section of data sources from the point-scale to satellites.

This session is organised under the auspices of the Australian Water and Energy Exchange Research Initiative (www.ozewex.org) that is part of the international GEWEX and HEPEX programmes.