H5. Data assimilation for energy and water cycle modelling

Data assimilation into water and energy balance models is a highly complex challenge. It requires understanding across a range of domains: observation characteristics and errors; the relationship between observed and modelled quantities; the conceptual structure and equations of the biophysical model; the mathematical assimilation techniques available; and the constraints imposed by the computational software and hardware. As a consequence, data assimilation researchers tend to be highly specialised towards specific applications in terms of each of these aspects. While necessary, this has been an obstacle to the exchange of expertise and to enhancing research through collaboration.

This session invites contributions on data assimilation for energy and water cycle modelling, especially those providing new insights in any of the domains above. We particularly encourage submissions that may lead towards the development of best-practice approaches, technologies and collaboration amongst the Australian research and operations communities.

This session is organised under the auspices of the Australian Water and Energy Exchange Research Initiative (www.ozewex.org) that is part of the international GEWEX and HEPEX programmes.