Managing cumulative risks through model-based processes

Instructions for authors and presenters

Full papers and extended abstracts for MODSIM2017 will need to be formatted in accordance with the Word documentInstructions for authors. Please use the templates provided below.

Please note: you can submit just an extended abstract (max 1 page) or a full paper (max 7 pages, including an extended abstract on the first page).

The extended abstract should be a complete description of the problem area, broad findings and outcomes or implications and should hence be self contained.

The extended abstracts/full papers will be reviewed by independent reviewers and may require revision before publication.

Extended abstracts should be formatted using the same template as the full papers, using the first page only. They can include 300–500 words, plus affiliations and keywords. There should not be any references.

Papers and extended abstracts should be submitted in Word or PDF format (if generated from LaTeX).

The instructions for authors, a template file and an example paper are available in Word and LaTeX format.

Find out more about how to submit an expression of interest online.

Word documentInstructions for authors

Word documentExample MODSIM2017 paper

Word documentWord template file (.dotx)

Zip fileLaTeX instructions, example, template files (zip)